My Mission is to Awaken Your True Essence & Empower Deeper Intimacy & Fulfilment in Love, Life, Sexuality & Relationships.

Naomi Prema Devi, Tantra, Intimacy & Relationships Expert

Are you lacking connection or love in your life? Do you feel disempowered sexually? Are you in an unfulfilling relationship?

Then you’ve come to the Right place! Nothing, in my Experience, has the Potential to give you greater results than the Powerful Techniques i’ve learned on my journey with Profound Teachers around the world; Explore Transformative, Empowering, Experiences, that will Awaken you to your True Essence and create a Richer, More Fulfilling Love life.



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Naomi Prema Devi is a Tantra, Intimacy & Relationship Specialist who believes in weaving the Sacred into Everyday life. She is Passionate about sharing Transformative, Empowering Experiences that Awaken People to their True Essence and Create deeper Fulfillment in Love, Sex and Relationships.

Her Offerings inspire people to come together, Open their hearts & rejoice in Love. Naomi holds a safe & supported space for people to go deep into their limitless nature.


I invite you to step into a place of aliveness and fulfillment where feelings of separation, unworthiness, lack of love and sexual blockages no longer exist. Now is the time to discover your true essence and embody the gifts you have to share with the world. I am here to re-connect you to the sacred, so you can embrace your innate wisdom, power, passion and love. Create big shifts in your life through my live events & classes, or one-on-one private sessions.


I felt extremely happy and connected this morning after your event last night. I talked with my roommate the whole day today and while i was talking I got extremely ecstatic. I felt unconditional love. And ended up rolling with her on the bed like little kids screaming and loving for like 5 min. I was wishing to get more involved in this tribe. And it happened. I am blessed. You are blessed. We all are.


So nice to meet you Naomi. Thank you so much for such an amazing Cacaco Tantra Puja experience my dear friend. I feel light and love energy today. Truly blessed from gaining such a wonderful experience and a safe and humble environment with beautiful people. I’m so pleased that I decided to fight that fear of nervousness to come. Looking forward to the next ceremony 🙂 I’m filled with gratitude for the empowering energy that you brought to my soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So blessed! ❤ namaste

Mollie-Anna Montaine

Naomi hosted a beautiful evening that allowed heartfelt connection, intimate sharing and wonderful insights to emerge. i would highly recommend Naomi as a trusted navigator to your journey!

Larry Morningstar

“A bird requires two wings to fly, a spiritual and a physical… When you achieve the balance between these two wings, You have the ability to create heaven on earth”
– Naomi Prema Devi